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CRM Design & Delivery

I have held responsibility for the design, planning and costing of 159 CRM transition programme solutions valued between £11m to £321m each, totalling £3 billion worth of transition programmes,


I have personally owned the successful delivery on time and budget of £43m worth of transition projects.


In one year I personally designed the winning transition programmes for more than £408m of new business for the company that I was working with.


Specialising in CRM, I have also worked in the F&A and HR space. Within the business I have worked with internal workstreams such as Sales, Pricing, HR, Financial Services, Learning Services and Steady State Delivery


I have led the design, build and set up in the building of service delivery centres in Bulgaria, Spain, Uruguay and Egypt and participated in building of delivery centres in both Ireland and Scotland.


A strong believer in transition transparency and reporting to ensure that the Programme Sponsors and team members have the relevant information and facts to hand in a clear and concise manner.


This unrivalled experience in CRM Transition Design & Delivery enables me to to support your organisation as an Interim Manager through any of the following areas:


  • Transition Design Review

  • Transition Delivery Review

  • Transition Subject Matter Expert Input

  • Transition Design

  • Transition Delivery

  • Transition Leadership / Management Maternity or Sickness Cover

  • Transition Management Interview Support


In all areas I can work as part of a bid team, a project team, the actual transition delivery team or part of an internal team that is looking to complete an internal project without external supplier support.


To meet your business requirements I could be available to work for as short or as long a period as suits you and your timeframe. Do not hesitate to contact me if these services are of interest to you. It is not unusual for me to be working with several customers at a time on contracted days.

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