Consultant Experience

Senior Consultant for IBM Business Consultancy Services

Q3 2000 - Q3 2004


As a Senior Consultant I worked on a range of CRM Siebel projects in Workstream Lead, Solutioning, Sales and Delivery roles

Lloyd Payne & Associates Ltd

Q2 1992 - Q3 2000


Ran my own successful Education and Training business, with a wide and varied client list from across the UK

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Orange Telecom

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Ran a workstream which wrote a detailed customer proposal that laid out a blended approach of workshops and eLearning for the educating of 1400 CRM staff spread over multiple UK locations.  The proposal covered a complete new set of software systems, processes and behaviors. A deep understanding of the customer requirements needed to be gained through the extensive interviewing of the many stakeholders and their needs reflected in the documentation.

Configurator Project

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Analysed and documented the process and tool methodology for utilising a set of three configurators including the use of real world scenarios.

Distributed findings globally across >1200 staff.

Thomsons Media

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Ran a workstream consisting of IBM, customer and Siebel Professional Services resources through the high level design period of a fast track, detailed and complex Siebel CRM project involving both legacy and new systems. Managed staff from several different providers to ensure that deliverables were achieved to plan, and the relevant stakeholders were managed accordingly.

Axa Insurance

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Ran a large team of Siebel resources and initially managed a number of sub contracting organisations regarding scope definition and pre-build phase of a complex CRM integration project.

Johnson & Johnson

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Advised the CRM process design team and customer in the ideals of CRM, how it can benefit the business and the advantages that it offers the organisation. Ran business requirements workshops to define the Siebel solution.

Norwich Union

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Developed an education program for the customers CRM Marketing, Tele Business, Telesales and Direct Sales Forces and then delivered multiple TTT & actual training courses. Detailed the customer requirements for the Siebel CRM design through workshops across multiple UK locations for implementation by the Siebel Team

Pan European Food Supplier

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Assisted with the development of a project to provide a single CRM portal entry for the customer’s internal staff and external suppliers through the use of Siebel.

The Post Office

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Part of a Rapid Application Development team generating the world’s first five point integrated Siebel.COM application. Ran multiple customer workshops around the E-Shop aspect of the project.


IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Part of a small team designing the complete end to end CRM processes for a utility company. Jointly responsible for the Call Centres, Marketing and Sales workstreams, running face to face workshops with large numbers of the customer team on a daily basis, creating process links with each one of the workstreams. A high pressure environment drove the rapid design of processes which were then integrated into the Siebel application.

Excel Communications

IBM BCS Senior Consultant

Created standard testing data for excel project testing, including the research of correct and accurate data types.

IBM Dublin Sales Centre

Lloyd Payne & Associates Ltd Consultant

The consolidation of 12 EMEA countries into one Telesales / Telemarketing centre based in Ireland. Analysed all existing sales processes and country CRM implementations, documentated  the complete end to end CRM process. Managed the design and implementation of the education and training to 600+ new contact centre agents of multiple languages and skill sets.

IBM Greenock Contact Centre

Lloyd Payne & Associates Ltd Consultant

Consolidated 12 EMEA countries into one Contact Centre based in Scotland. Designed, documented and managed process flows for all request types into the centre to to handle customer queries.


Lloyd Payne & Associates Ltd Consultant

Designed an education package given to new HR agents covering full set of HR tools.

IBM CRM Message Management / Request Management

Lloyd Payne & Associates Ltd Consultant

Worked with a small focused design team and designed, documented and implemented the Message Management process for 12 EMEA countries and rolled out to >2000 staff. Converted all IBM CRM request types into contact centre language, and implemented the request types into a new CRM tool. Delivered briefings to all IBM Campaign Strategists across EMEA.

IBM CRM Opportunity Management

Lloyd Payne & Associates Ltd Consultant

Worked with a small focused design team and designed, documented and implemented the Opportunity Management process for 12 IBM EMEA countries and >1000 staff.

IBM CRM Opportunity Management Field Sales

Lloyd Payne & Associates Ltd Consultant

Delivered the UK based implementation of a new software package used by IBM Field sales to run Opportunity Management. Advised >1000 staff in face to face briefings on individual business process and implementation rules.

IBM Greater China Group Contact Centre

Lloyd Payne & Associates Ltd Consultant

Ran workshops that analysed potential contact centre issues in the Far East and kick started the new contact centre programme for > 40 staff.

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