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Programme & Project Management Experience

Executive Transition Manager for CRM EMEA

Q3 2004 - Q3 2011

A transition project is all the activities required to to deliver a services in an out/in sourced operation from the contract signature through to service start.


This may include the fitting out of a building, the knowledge transfer of skills, the recruiting, hiring & training of the staff, the building of the IT, the migration of existing contracts and the ramp up of the service.


This is all tightly controlled via a cross workstream programme or project.


More details of this role can be seen on the Transition Experience page.

Programmes & Projects

IBM Delivery Centre Egypt

Led a multi-functional team in the instigation and set up of a brand new IBM cross tower, front & back office delivery centre in Cairo, Egypt. Despite being in the midst of the Egyptian Uprising, this project was successfully on budget with a short unavoidable overrun. More details available on request.


Ran the transition of 120 CRM back office departments from Spain to Latin America. Based in Madrid, and delivering both the onshore and offshore transition, the project involved resources spread across multiple countries. The project included the setting up of two new delivery centres in Latin America. Working with an extremely tough and demanding client, all five customer lines of business were successfully delivered on time and on budget.


Ran the EMEA transition project on an account with high customer and IBM internal focus. This was a multi tower deal moving 16 countries from EMEA into two IBM delivery centres across all aspects of the F&A area from General Ledger to Accounts Payable. Despite many challenges, in working closely with the customer to build trust, the project was delivered successfully across multiple go lives on time and on budget.

Virgin Media

Ran the Transition Solution workstream for a period of time running up to the signing of a multiyear deal. The role included the organisation of all the transition activities prior to signing and interacting with the various members of the large engagement team, from pricing to Contract & Negotiations.

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