Michelle Ripley

Group CIO

Moray Ltd

It has been a pleasure to work with Brett on a number of separate projects and programmes for Fitness First & Moray which have been on time, within budget and delivered the benefits. Brett has a fantastic way of engaging and cross-functionally working with teams across the business at all levels.

Brett is always truly enthusiastic and has a way of making projects fun despite the many tasks to complete! Brett genuinely cares for the team and is always there to support, mentor and motivate to achieve results! I'm sure we will work together in the future.

Anna Jackson

Partner Success Manager

Transversal, January 2018

Brett is a pleasure to work with. He quickly assesses a situation and will lead by example. Highly professional, he also has an ability to lift morale and take a team with him. Superb at change management. Recommend highly.

Jim Culverwell

Independant Commerical Property Expert

Culverwell Consulting, January 2018

Brett is a highly accomplished and very competent Project Manager with multiple peripheral skills. He is experienced in bringing difficult, multi-site, overseas projects in, on time and on budget and deals well with politically complex clients. He is also personable and sociable and I would recommend Brett to anyone with a requirement for those characteristics whether the project is small or large.

James McLetchie

Solutions Engineer / IT Project Manager

Moray Ltd, August 2017

I have worked with Brett on a CRM and two ERP projects and thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Brett is a highly competent Programme Manager and provides a high degree of confidence and control to a timely delivery on budget. Brett is an effective communicator and excellent at creating and maintaining a collective team ethos within the project stakeholders (both with internal and external). He is calm, methodical, and personable and not scared to roll his sleeves up and step beyond his role to get the job done. I would gladly recommend Brett in this role and work with him again.

Nick Kerton


Cambridge Cognition, January 2015

I’ve worked with Brett in the past ant I have to say he is a great professional. His understanding of the BPO world in general and the Transition component of it, in particular, are exceptional. On top of that, his positive attitude and interpersonal skills are what you need to solve any difficult situation or problem.

Faye Holland

Founder & Director

Cofinitive, February 2016

Brett has used his experience and knowledge to successfully led large transition and change programmes. He has an ability to quickly understand the business dynamics and then works with the team to ensure the right business outcomes are achieved. Brett has high ethical standards and believes strongly in transparency and reporting to ensure that all business decisions are made with integrity. I would happily recommend Brett as he brings a welcome impartiality to everything he does, and makes creative and informed contributions to the projects and boards that he supports.

Mark Baker

EVP Sales

Urban Airship, April 2014

I've worked with Brett for 3 years at Citrix and appreciate his professional approach to our customers and his urgent desire to find solutions quickly with his teams. He balances his professional approach with an engaging sense of humor that brings people in.

Rick Alonso

Senior CRM Project Manager

Hitachi Solutions, March 2017

Brett and I worked very closely together (as a supplier and client PMs) on an inherited project that was in a really precarious situation.
Over the ensuing months, through hard work, tough meetings and negotiations, we managed to pull the project through successfully

I can honestly say that it was one of the best joint deliveries consider how bad things were at the beginning.

Brett is a straight-talking, analytical, rational, pragmatic and consultative when he needed to be. He truly demonstrated the art of moderated approaches based on circumstances. Tough or amenable when he needed to be.

Working with Brett was really inspiring and would look forward to any future engagements with him.

Patrick Holland

Senior Manager

EY Advisory, August 2014

I’ve worked with and for Brett in a couple of projects in the past and in summary it was a very pleasant and enriching professional experience.

While working with Brett he was the overall Transition solution responsible for a large and complex multinational project. Brett’s planning and managing capabilities are considerable and made a significant difference to the projects time, quality and financial objectives. Brett always seemed to be one step ahead!

When I worked for Brett it was on a couple of smaller projects but I would stand out that I always got the right amount of guidance and empowerment from Brett. His considerable experience and business knowledge help him to work in a very efficient way and constantly finding the best possible solution.

In general, Brett creates a positive environment to work in and is very much actively conscious on bringing out the best of his team. Brett takes a sincere interest in his team and the client and if a personal problem arouse, Brett would try to help out as much as he could. This is one of many things I truly admire about Brett and his managing style.

Rouven Mayer

Cheif marketing Officer

LogMeIn, August 2015

I experienced Brett as an excellent Manager of people/teams who always put the customer first.


He´s a great communicator who can do business with everyone while always being focused on what really matters. Part of that is his ability to easily work across countries, time zones and cultures.


His pragmatic, comprehensive view of the business and the way he understands it, is outstanding.
Since he enjoys working out of the box and as he´s not afraid of getting out of his comfort zone, he´s always a driver of additional growth which is admirable.

Working together with Brett is pure joy and therefore highly recommended.


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