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VP of Professional Services for Cambridge Cognition

Q3 2014 - Q4 2014

VP of Professional Services for Cambridge Cognition

Worked across the Cambridge Cognition business to create the strategic foundation for a Professional Services team linking Customer Services, Technical Support and Logistics.


  • Expanded on existing links between the three different teams and the existing Business Development and Data Management teams.

  • Worked with stakeholders to create and drive a Global Key Account Management process

  • Supported the development of a new CamCog product with emphasis on the Customer beginning-to-end lifecycle. Analysed and helped select a new ERP system that will work across Finance, HR, Professional Services and Business Development teams.

  • Kicked off NPS as cust sat score across the business. Introduced a benchmark exercise set up for the year close.

  • Created, analysed and reviewed all existing and new Professional Services processes with clearly defined swimlaned responsibilities, ERP requirements, NPS touch points and resulting outputs.


All deliverables were handed over to the customer on time and budget. The assignment was a great success, and both parties look forward to working together again in 2015.

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