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Executive Transition Manager for CRM EMEA

Q3 2004 - Q3 2011

Permanent Position

Executive Transition Manager for CRM EMEA

Worked across EMEA leading and managing the business process outsourcing transition business for CRM with extensive client facing experience.


  • Held EMEA responsibility for the design, planning and costing of 159 CRM transition project solutions valued between £11m to £321m each and to be implemented in various countries around the world.  

  • In 2010 I supported £3 billion worth of transition solutioning, personally owning the delivery of £43m worth. In 2007 I personally designed the winning transition solutions for in excess of £408m of new business for IBM.

  • Interviewed, recruited, oversaw and managed through a virtual environment the 10 members of the EMEA transition team based in 4 countries and working across 10 countries during delivery.

  • Carried out costing and pricing analysis of transition projects, which resulted in a 10% to 25% reduction in the customer’s transition price without impacting the quality of delivery.

  • Participated in, reviewing and improving transition solutions and delivery activities for all EMEA CRM projects.

  • Supported and delivered on continuous improvement activities across the Global Process Service business.

  • Worked across multiple outsourcing towers such as CRM, F&A and HR and on a day to day basis with internal work streams such as Sales, Pricing, HR, Financial Services, Learning Services and Delivery.

  • Owned and delivered multiple reports to Global VPs on varying subjects from solution progress to delivery project status.

  • Developed and progressed the EMEA transition team by mentoring, carrying out performance assessments, creating individual development plans, training and ensuring delivery excellence.

  • Held ownership of transition project budgets and team budget on a year to year basis. Managed the time reporting, expense reporting and project status reporting of the EMEA transition team, taking ownership of the total budget and allocation of time across the team members.

  • Understood and implemented business controls compliance and participate in audits.

  • Mentored team members both inside and outside of the business. Involved with local schools in a student facing role to help with interview techniques and the use of MS office.

  • Part of a team the designed the core transition processes, methods and solutions used globally by IBM.


Personally delivered a number of projects, often being based in various countries around the world. A typical project may have between 30 to 2000 team members. Led the design build and set up of contact / delivery centres in the Bulgaria, Spain, Uruguay and Egypt and participated in building of centres in Ireland and the UK. An appendix of delivery projects & experience is available on request.

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